How to play a money-making fantasy cricket

Ever wondered about going top in a fantasy league?

Here are a few jaw-dropping tips on how to play fantasy cricket in a profitable way.

Tip #1

Don’t usually choose your favorite players. That is the thumb rule of any fantasy game. Though you love the way your preferred players perform, it can be devastating sometimes.

Tip #2

Be a scientist!  Do a little analysis and fact-finding. If you need your team to win, research the players. It may be a difficult task when you do not know the players, relax back!!  there are many platforms where you can find out the player’s career summaries and recent performances. It’s just on your fingertips.

Tip #3

Be aware of the team switching deadlines. We know you have picked the best team, but are you really sure of it? It’s fantasy cricket, you never know the strategies of others. That’s the magic in fantasy sports,  you can never assume.

Tip #4

Your player is having a tough time on the field. Your competitors have changed that player in their squad seeing his game. What do you think you can do about it? We say to go with your instinct. You may feel like to swap him with another player, but you cant do it because you know that he is the best.

This tip may be controversial to tip #1, nevertheless if you have a strong feeling about that player go for it.

Tip #5

Keep an eye on your teams. You may be busy with your daily chores or have more important errands to do. It just takes 15 mins of your time to check. If you can take some time from your daily routine for your team you will be profitable.

There be times that some players are replaced or switched with others due to some unavoidable situations, checking your team will give you a heads up on being up to date.

These are a few tips that can help to create money-making fantasy cricket teams.


Author – Manasa