Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Fantasy Cricket Now

Fantasy cricket, as the name suggests, is a form of fantasy league wherein the users pick a virtual team comprising of real players with certain credits assigned to their names. In order to succeed in a contest, one must prepare the best playing lineup capable of outwitting others in a given feud. But the question is, why should you play fantasy cricket in the first place and what’s in it for you? 

So without wasting any further, let’s dive into the details to find why one should play fantasy cricket. 

  1. Make your own team 

Fantasy cricket allows the users to hand-pick the best players who have a chance to shine on a given day. For the eleven players, one must go in with the best combination of wicket-keeper, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders, followed by appointing two of the best candidates who have a chance to perform the best among the rest with bat, ball or with gloves on t as captain or vice-captain. What’s interesting is that you can create a number of teams to join single or multiple contests. 

The selection of players is purely on the users’ will but, in order to get the best buys for a contest, one must ensure the players’ availability as their absence wouldn’t get you any merits in the points tally. 

  1. Know more about the sport 

Success in fantasy gaming isn’t just based on luck. It requires deep knowledge of the sport which in the end could get you an onus over others. For instance, users of fantasy cricket must be well informed with the prediction of each match regarding the squad selections, venue scoring pattern, weather forecast, head to head numbers, and players’ performances in the recently finished duels. If all these factors are properly taken care of, then be rest assured, one is bound to win rewards or prizes from the contests. 

  1. Chance to win exciting prizes 

No one would want to miss out on a contest that has awards and cash prizes in return, that too at the expense of meager investments starting from single digits to a few thousand. 

Participation in small leagues isn’t just safe but provides ample opportunities for the participants to get decent remuneration at lesser risks. Grand or Mega Head to Heads could also prefer considering they offer greater returns to the contest winners. 

Well, I assume the points stated above would have given a clear picture as to why one must play fantasy cricket in today’s world of e. If you’re someone who is a cricket aficionado and possess even the slightest of interest in fantasy gaming then it’s about time you start competing in fantasy cricket. Who knows you might end up winning the jackpot at the end of the contest.


Author – Shashank

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